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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fire Engine 13

Here is the update on the new Engine 13 - The guys who travelled to Wisconsin to see the new engine and review the plans for the next have returned with good news. The picture below is Engine 13, which should be in Roanoke this week. It will arrive at Singer Fire Apparatus and proceed to be fitted with some of the final items like the deck gun and the nationally accredited sticker as well as a final inspection. After the finalization at Singer, the truck will move down the line to Roanoke's shops and have the radios installed and the the equipment mounts. It is my understanding that the guys at 13 will be trained on the Husky foam unit on the truck. The truck will be delivered with most hand tools, extinguishers, and hand lights. The hose and specialty equipment will be swapped from the current E13 to the new one. The new truck is expected to be in service in about a month.


Anonymous said...

Well why don't they look at purchasing a new medic 10 while they are at it. I mean, the county may pay for half considering medic 10's call volume just doubled.

Anonymous said...

how did medic unit 10 calls double???

Anonymous said...

The city was tired of loosing money when the county medic unit takes calls in garden city so they needed a way to recover it.

Anonymous said...

Then why does M6 still have to pass a county medic truck in Vinton to run calls in 14's area?

Anonymous said...

medic 10 is running about 3 calls a day in the hollins area. the county is going out of the way to use us so they can justify hiring more medics.

scole999 said...

Beautiful Truck.

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