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Monday, January 29, 2007

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Disclaimer

You may have noted that a Firefighter/Medic wears many hats. If you're thinking your day will be filled exclusively with Fire and EMS calls, think again. It may seem as if you are a janitor, a chef, a public relations representative, a codes and compliance officer, a taxi driver, a social worker, a referee, part of a lawn care crew, a mechanic, a painter, or an electronics or computer whiz. Oh yes, I almost forgot, you are a firefighter and a medic. If you're looking forward to a career of high angle rescues, multiple structure fires and trauma call after trauma call, this job may not be for you. Although you will encounter these types of calls in your career, you need to be mentally prepared for a much less glamorous reality…life.

This text was taken from Norfolk Fire and Rescue Employment information page for Duties of a NFR Firefighter/Medic. View the complete page here.

Maybe all departments, including ours, should add this disclaimer.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. The LAST thing we do in this department is the job for which we were hired to do.