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Friday, November 10, 2006

A Retirement Dinner for a Heroes Hero - A Retirement Dinner for a Heroes Hero

Last night, over 100 firefighters, friends, and family members of Retiring Battalion Chief Billy Obenchain packed the Roanoke Fire Fighters Association Union Hall to celebrate the career of their Brother. (Read the entire article with pictures at


Anonymous said...

This is just awsome that we could do something like this for a good man.

Anonymous said...

Chief Obenchain is leaving a legacy. When you can set back at the end of the day and know in your heart that you are responsible for changing lives, then I think (only my opinion) you would take great comfort in that. He is one of the greatest men I have ever had the privlege to meet, and definately had an influence on my life. Talk about tradition. If I can impact a small fraction of the people I come in contact with the way he impacted many of us I would be a fortunate soul. I know many of you love him and what you did for him goes without saying, My Hat is off to all of you. I wish you all safety and God bless everyone of you. Most importantly,Thank You Chief Obenchain! I know you kidded around with me alot but I also know you cared. I wish you luck and most of all, I PRAY you well. Dennis G. Duncan

Anonymous said...

I feel a group hug coming on.

Just a little joke. Chief Billy is the man. If you want the best just find and clone him, they don't come any better. We have a great void in our department now. It will take alot of work to fill this hole he created when he reitred. I know that I can never be as good as he is, I just hope to carry on his traditions and recall his legacy to all of the younger guys.