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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Come on out and Vote

As many of you Roanoke Firefighters know, there is an election tonight and tomorrow night at the Union Hall. If you need to see who is running for which positions check out the Local 1132 site. I am running against Richard Lipes, and I appreciate your vote. The voting will be tonight from 7-10 pm and again tomorrow night at the business meeting at 7 pm.

Sorry I haven't posted much recently. I have been busy. It was interesting when someone asked me that if I lost the Secretary/Treasurer election, would I still do the RoanokeFire blog. The answer is yes. This blog has nothing to do with me being the Sec/Tres, and furthermore it is unofficial to the RFFA.

I have been busy with all sorts of things. Recently, as some of you know by now, I started The website is growing still, and I have enjoyed the fact that the Roanoke Fire Blog is regional, mostly regarding Roanoke City. is Statewide. It has gained a lot of interest across the state and is continuing to receive more and more local articles from firefighters and freelance writers.

I am getting to the point now, where I can juggle the two sites and I hope to revamp the posts on the blog soon. But fear not, the blog is still alive and kicking.


Anonymous said...

According to the prelimanary election polls, Lipes is out in front by 75%, and according to inside sources their will be a recount called by the losing side immediately following the results. Looks like we have Florida all over again.

Anonymous said...

Other than not liking Rhett, what kind of qualifications does Lipes have?

Anonymous said...

Hanging chads anyone? Get out and vote it is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rhett on winning Sec/Tres for the union. It was well deserved and I am glad that you won because you do put a lot of your time into the union, and I think that is what we need, and hopefully your family will be happy as well, because I know they are the ones that lose out when you won. I hear the turn out for the meetins was fairly good, and mabye that will be what we need to get the ball rolling. Congrats again, and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Why can't we get numbers like this to meetings EVERY MONTH? There doesnt have to be an election for you guys to show up. Sure, elections are important, but so is the business at each and every other meeting. I hear rumblings about how the Union is headed in the wrong direction or how we are following one or a few peoples agenda, well, show up and help guide us in the right direction. Bottom line, GET INVOLVED! That said, I only hope that we can pull Lipes in and use his youthfull willingness, and eagerness. He obviously wants to be involved, lets put him to work. And to you Richard, I hope you continue to put forth the effort you have been despite not being elected. One for all and all for everybody!