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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Firefighter Mark Podlewski Retires

Mark Podlewski is retiring effective November 1, 2008. His last day on the job was Tuesday, September 2nd. Mark was hired by the Roanoke Fire Department on July 1, 1991, although he actually transferred from the Roanoke Police Department where I believe he was hired in 1984.

Mark's last assignment was at Station 13 on A-Shift with Captain Yearout. He will be missed. I always enjoyed getting him riled up in the mornings as he enjoyed getting under my skin too.

Good luck in your retirement Mark.


Michael Overacker said...

Way to go, Pod. Have fun in retirement. Just keep busy, and you will have a blast.

It was good working with you.

Lieutenant Michael Overacker, Retired

Anonymous said...

Great working w/ you Pod, glad you could get out of here while you are still young. Good luck to you and try to visit us so we can fill you in on all the good new rumors.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Mark. I always thought you were a strange bird (guess it was the cop in ya)but you've been one of the constants in the department and remained uneffected by the political bullcrap. Have fun and make sure the wife does all of the work in the household from now on. ; )

Anonymous said...

well well well, the Podfather has left the building! Congratulations Mark, good for you! I enjoyed working with you and wish you the best. I'll never forget the time you gave grigsbo the cop staredown . . . two inches from his face! Ha! Enjoy life !