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Friday, September 29, 2006

Prayer of protection for those who protect -

The Blue Mass was last night at St. Andrews Church. We had a good crowd, although there could always be more. The event is held for all Fire, Police, EMS, and related workers of all religions. The Roanoke Blue Mass began last year when the Knights of Columbus decided to bring the "Blue Mass" to Roanoke in order to pray over the Public Safety workers.

Prayer of protection for those who protect -
Prayer of protection for those who protect
About 100 people attended the Blue Mass, celebrated to pray for the protection of those who serve in public safety.

By Amanda Codispoti

The wail of bagpipes exploded through the cathedral, from the black and white checkered floor to the vaulted ceiling.

Children seated in pews covered their ears as the bagpipe ensemble, Warpipe, led the procession to the altar. (Read More)


Anonymous said...

A GREAT service but pretty poor turnout for the firefighters in my mind. Five total counting 1 retired (my dad) and a late show. Anyway, thanks to "C-shift" stations 2,6,10 and the fighting one-four for baking all the refreshments served following the service. Capt Wines

Anonymous said...

would you expect anything else of the roanoke fire ems department? pretty poor turnout for EVERYTHING we do! got to be proud!!

Anonymous said...

why do you seem distracted during the meeting? i pay good money to have your full attention while i am away from my family. if you dont want to be here maybe you should just turn in your card and let someone in that really cares about the department.