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Friday, July 04, 2008

Gold's Gym offers 12 open memberships

The new Gold's Gym at Crossroads (old New Fitness building) has partnered with the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department to offer 12 open memberships in exchange for CPR classes taught by our members. What does this mean for you? Well it means that at any given time, 12 of our members may be working out at Gold's Gym for free, all you have to do is show your City ID. In exchange, our CPR instructors will teach the employees of Gold's. The memberships are not valid at the South Gold's Gym.

This is a pretty good deal set up by the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department. I know that David Bocock had a lot to do with this. Thank him when you get a chance.

Here is the link to the new Gold's Gym

Here is some info about the Gold's Gym:

The Crossroads Gold's will be one-third larger at 45,000 square feet, compared with the 31,000 square feet of Roanoke County's.

Tripp Martin, who lives in Blacksburg, is the primary owner and operator of the new Gold's. And he's planning to open a Blacksburg Gold's next year.

At Crossroads, the former New Fitness space is being doubled and renovated to accommodate the new business.

This new space also will house two pools, one for adults and one for children. And it will have a cardio theater, which shows PG-13 movies continuously on a 20-inch screen while people exercise on bikes and other cardiovascular equipment set up in front of it.

Some traditional features include four rooms for group exercise classes, a women's area with cardio and weight equipment, and a children's playroom.

The existing Gold's does not have a pool or a cardio theater.


Anonymous said...

why is the south gym not included? Is there something that could be done to get that in the mix. Still very happy for their kindness and Bo's work.

FireFleitz said...

I believe it has to do with the fact the two Gold's gyms are owned independently. But that is just speculation.

Anonymous said...

Rhett, you are correct. the guy at golds north tried to work with the owners of the golds in the county. the owners there wanted nothing to do with the new one. that is why the county golds is not included with this.

Anonymous said...

Roanoke County Fire and Rescue has the same deal with the Gold's on 419 as I was able to get with the one in the city. If you haven't been in there it is really nice. I am also still looking to put equipment into the stations when money becomes available. I have to also say Thanks to Michele who works in the nurses office for helping with this project and also to Brenda Via for purchaseing two Elipticals which were placed at stations 5,and 14. If you have any questions please feel free to call me.


Jen said...

Tripp is a cool dude as is the rest of the staff. The wording of your post makes it sound as if the gym isn't open which is very much to the contrary. It's up and running! Just don't take up all the free weights ok! =)

Anonymous said...

Good job Bo. When the city is taking a crap on us its nice to see someone doing something good for us for a change.
Sol Rosenberg

Anonymous said...

Pass me the doughnuts!

Anonymous said...

We got to go to Gold's yesterday just prior to all of the crap hitting the fan. I have to say it is one of the nicer gyms in the area. The people working there were friendly and the equipment was excellent. The Carido Movie Theater was awesome, the amount of space and atmosphere was great. We plan on visiting often.

I encourage everyone to go by.

Anonymous said...

Well, it would be hard for EVERYONE to go by since there are only 12 memberships. Also, sounds like you've never been in a nice gym if you think that one is nice??? Bally's, 24 HR Fitness, hell, even the RAC and BAC are considered nice.....not Golds in the old New Fitness building.
Nice for being free but thats about it. You could always go downtown and work out in that gym if there is room amongst all the ego's.

FireFleitz said...

12 memberships that are open. Your comment is the exact reason why we lose these privileges from companies who offer "Firefighter Discounts".

Although it would be nice to have open memberships at all of the clubs so that you could use the one that best suits your ability to get there.

Anonymous said...

That Gold's is nice and your obviously too damn stupid to understand what an open membership is let alone write an intelligent comment. This is a good thing that we have available to us now and we don't need a dumbass like you there screwing it up for us

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the person who talked down about the gym needs to just shut up. Lord forbid someone do something nice for you. Hopefully you really aren't a RFD FF because you're going to be miserable waiting for the next handout.

I hate DUMBASSES said...

Its great that Gold's is doing this for US. It's more than the CITY will do. Thanks Bo for doing this for US, to that JACKASS with that DUMBASS comment The RAC and BAC suck to many people talking and trying to put on a show. Thats not a gym its a place to meet DUMBASS people like yourself. Hell your MOM and DAD probably still pay for you to go there, hoping you find a nice person and move out of their house, it's time too pull your head out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you golds gym for your kindness, please ignore the stupid thoughts of the one a-hole. Sometimes I think we will never be able to unify as a group.

If there is nothing nice to say sometimes its best to keep your big mouth shut.