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Monday, March 24, 2008

Thanks after the Mill Mountain Brush Fires

Hey guys. I got an email from a frequent biker to the Mill Mountain Trails. She wanted to thank all the firefighters for their work. The email came from Jen over at "Jen's Bike Blog".

She writes:

Please pass along my Thanks to the firefighters both Roanoke City and County who responded to the brush fires on Mill Mtn the other day. I ride my bike up there regularly and have hiked and done trail work, etc up there so the place means a lot to me. We rode by where one fire was, and we are very lucky they caught it when they did. Mill Mtn is ripe for a huge fire - lots of deep, dry leaves. Again many thanks from a grateful biking community.
I know that the fires weren't that big by County standards, however most of us City guys aren't used to fighting many brush fires within City limits. Let alone near midnight on the side of a mountain.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The only problem with that is who gets it ??

There was a donation (solicited) of a couple of thousand dollars made a few years back, to equip all the guys at #8 and # 11 with leather brush boots. The money was received, the purchase made and within 2 months (may not be the exact time frame) the majority of the guys at those stations were moved.

Ask how many at those stations now have those boots.

So, when we spend the money, who gets the gear ?

Mikey Ro