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Friday, September 28, 2007

Blue Mass, Flag Football, and a Firefighter in need of help

I cannot thank my brothers and sisters enough for the calls placed to help Jeremy out with his house. We have guys from Roanoke City and Salem who have offered to help. However, more help is needed. Get your crew together and give him or I a call to set up a time to go out and help. More information can be found here.

The 3rd Annual Blue Mass will be held at St. Andrews Catholic Church on Saturday (tomorrow) at 5:30 pm. Please plan on attending. If you can attend or even if you are working, think about making a dessert dish to share with everyone. Contact Kelcey Branch on A Shift today or Willie Wines Jr. (page him) and they will make sure your dish gets to the Church. Everyone is welcome.

UPDATE: The events at Rivers Edge will begin at 2 PM. There will be food and fun for everyone.
There will be a flag football game on Sunday at 2 pm at Rivers Edge. Plan on being there to root on Roanoke City against Roanoke County and Salem. Players need to be there at 2:30pm.

Chief Hoback sent out an email on the City email server about a "Last Lecture". I recommend you watch the video and read the article. Maybe I will write a "Last Lecture" for you guys in a while. While it is kind of morbid, the thought behind it is certainly entertaining and intuitive. Basically it is about what you would say if it was your last chance to say it.

Thanks also to all of the comments on the Roanoke Fire/EMS Apparatus Staffing post (click here). I appreciate all of the comments as well as how they are written. I will hopefully get a chance to answer some of the questions soon. Continue to keep the comments professional and constructive.

One last thing is the HTR training held yesterday. The pictures are up on

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Anonymous said...

Anyone able to get to the Rivers Edge field earlier to help set up would be a great help. The event will start at 2pm and continue until about 5pm.

R. Lipes

Anonymous said...

Final score for flag football City 42- County/Salem 14, and raised $300 in donations and shirt sales.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see union brothers help union brother,instead of brothers
helping a scab....

Anonymous said...

That's not really fair. The phrase of brother firefighter helping brother firefighter is a non-affiliated reference. Whether one person is union or not, we all are firefighters. We shouldn't stab each other in the back just because one man isn't in the union. We still have to look out for one another gardless of political or social affiliations.

Be proud we helped with this cause and can the anti-scab ideals. For once let the topic be positive and avoid the negativity.