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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Promotional Reading List - trying to save you guys a dime

I took the liberty of trying to save you guys some money on the books for the promotional reading list. If you were to purchase the books from the Firefighters Bookstore you are looking at spending almost $400 before shipping and handling. Good luck finding the study guide for Fire Department Company Officer. The 4th edition is already out and the 3rd edition can pretty much only be found used. Once you click on one of these, you can easily search through Amazon for other titles. I have just placed a link to each one. To get these great prices, many of the books are used, be sure to see what wear and tear the books have. With these prices you will save up to $110. However, I could not find Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics in the 2nd edition, but I did find the 3rd edition and there aren't any used 3rd edition available.

The biggest savings is the Principles of Fire Protection - save over $80.

Don't hold me to this being the exact books. I did my best to figure out the correct books and matching up the ISBN numbers. The only one that didn't match is the Fire Officer's Handbook.


Jebadiah said...

You can also check most of these books out at you local library. If you have a little time the Valley Library system can get them on Loan from Texas A&M, Maryland univ or any of the big city libraries. the service is free it just take a little leg work on your part. this is how i studied for both of my exams and did not pay a dime.

Anonymous said...

Why study to do good on the test when it obviously doesn't matter if you score #1 on the list or not?

Anonymous said...

THAT'S RIGHT !!!!! They know who they want already. Someone already there, lets just promote them. That's fair.

Anonymous said...

The Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics is the yellow book, the picture of the one above is the 3rd. edition. FYI

Anonymous said...

The only thing to change on the reading list, was the ISBN # for the Management in the fire service book