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Monday, December 01, 2008


Effective immediately, the blog will be hosted at only. If you linked here, please update your link to the new one. Please visit the new site currently undergoing a redesign.


Sunday, November 30, 2008


Effective Immediately, the blog will be hosted solely at Currently it is still in the re-design phase so bear with me while I work out the kinks.

This blog will remain online, but will not be updated. All of the posts and comments have been moved over to the new blog.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reflective Vests and You

I decided that instead of spending a lot of time reading and giving you all the skinny on this new reflective vest requirement I would simply give you the links to the information. did a good bit of research on the new requirements
and offers this .pdf the 3m quick reference guide
and this .pdf the vest push card

You can also see information here on

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Officer Bryan Lawrence's Thanksgiving

Officer Bryan Lawrence is at home after a long journey since his tragedy. The last part of his journey involved living in an apartment while his house was completely remodeled by your Roanoke Firefighters and others. Scott Graham and Scott Mutter spearheaded the remodel and many others helped out. Today, the Roanoke Times has a great piece by Amanda Codispoti on the events.

View the coverage here:

WSLS with video

Roanoke Times coverage with video

Thanks to all the Firefighters who helped out. You guys really make us look good.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


New Station 1 - $5 million
New Station 3 - $3 million
New Station 4 - $4 million

Having to carry jugs of extra hydraulic fluid because your reserve ladder truck leaks and won't be fixed. PRICELESS

I know we could go on all day long...well that isn't such a bad idea. Anyone else have a better one?

Seriously though, it was overheard on the radio the other day that Ladder 1's crew which is driving the reserve ladder has to carry jugs of extra hydraulic fluid because the cylinders that lift the ladder are leaking very bad.

You know that the budget cuts have occurred and will happen again, yet there are still non-operational programs being funded.

Anyways, happy turkey day. There is a lot to be Thankful for. God Bless you all.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Collection for the Rescue Mission

The Roanoke Firefigthers Auxiliary is taking up a collection of items for women and children at the Rescue Mission. Items needed are:



disposable razors

Depends-small and medium

feminine hygiene supplies


Diapers- size 3&4

Baby wipes, bottles

Similac baby formula

blank rewritable cd's (CD-RW)

There will be a box at all of the stations for this collection effort. We will be picking up these items right before the holiday, so get your items in. Any questions email

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ladder Operations Class in Roanoke

I hit a milestone this week. The new went live. Check it out here: Tonight, I added photos from the ladder ops class. Check out the story and photos here.

I have more stories and stuff for the blog in the future, I have been busy with a lot of stuff recently. If you have anything to share, send it in.

Firefighter of the Year

Reminder that Firefighter of the Year and other award citations are due soon. Look at for more information or contact me or Tim Parry. All nominations must be signed, sealed, and yes delivered.

Station # 8 News

Station # 8 has its own t-shirt. All three shifts offered ideas about the design of the shirt.

The art work is by Lieutenant Jim Hylton. We felt the images should reflect the community we serve. The front has the small Maltese cross we use on our department shirts, but the inside of the cross has a picture of two wine glasses and a rose. Yup, South Roanoke is the land of wine and roses.
There is a very strong sense of community here. The people are very nice to us.
The words, “South Roanoke Fire Station” are on the east side of the building (not on the shirt).
The picture on the back of the shirt is hand drawn of Engine # 8 in front of the station.
The Star is in the background.
The caption says, “Serving South Roanoke Since 1929.”
If you look close, you will see the white squirrel “Lola” in the lower left side of the picture.
Lola was a popular community figure here for several years until she passed a couple months ago.
The shirts are limited edition. We’re not really trying to sell them, but if you want one, contact Jarrod Fuhrman at “First Due Fire EMS Gear” or ask one of the guys at # 8.
We paid more for them because we wanted shirts that were made in the USA.

What about Medic 8?
Yes, there is talk of putting a medic truck here at # 8.
How can I get assigned to Medic 8 you ask?
If you are interested in being assigned to South Roanoke, please answer the following questionnaire and send it to the Medic 8 Application Committee here at station 8. The application process will be both demanding and vigorous. Bribes will be accepted. Please answer the following questions;

Medic 8 Application Questionnaire

1. What is the difference between a Chardonnay and Beaujolais?
a. A Chardonnay is a white wine and Beaujolais is a Hungarian car.
b. A Chardonnay is a brand of faucet and Beaujolais is Buddhist cheese.
c. Chardonnay is a white wine and Beaujolais is a dry red wine.
d. Chardonnay is a punk band; Beaujolais is a town in Canada.

2. What type of water do we keep in the booster tank on the Engine?
a. tonic
b. spring
c. mineral
d. sparkling
3. If you have a call for a fire in the butler’s pantry, what is the primary concern of the homeowner?
a. dinner
b. the fire
c. that we may track up the carpet
d. the butler

4. To what level are we accredited?
a. locally
b. nationally
c. internationally
d. intergallactically (only at number 8)

5. Which station has a swimming pool in the basement?
a. Station # 1, in the bay where they dug it up
b. Station #5, turn left five times, back in
c. Station #8, spring fed
d. Station #2, don’t mind the asbestos

6. Where the meals are big, the kitchen is small, and there are 2 dishwashers on every shift describes which station?
a. Station #1, sorry, it’s not about you
b. Station #5, circle the block again
c. Station #8, the Texas Tavern kitchen of South Roanoke
d. Station #2, could it be?

7. To what station does a chief go to become a captain?
a. Station #1, sorry it’s still not about you
b. Station #5, keep circling
c. Station #8, uh
d. Station #2, two what; rabbits

8. What level of EMS certification is required to ride M-8?
a. I don’t want to ride the box
b. I don’t want to be an “i”
c. I don’t care
d. What’s a box?

9. What level of fire performance standards must I maintain?
a. the same as the rest of the department
b. none
c. more than the rest of the department
d. Will we eat well?

10. The term Division of Labor means;
a. Assignments on the fire ground
b. Laborers doing math
c. Laborers choosing sides
d. Who does the steaks on the grill, who does the potatoes and who makes the salad

11. Which station has an Oshkosh kid with money upstairs?
a. Station #1; why do you always think it’s about you?
b. Station #5; one word, NASCAR; thank you for playing
c. Station #8
d. Station #2

12. Which station has a ghost that walks the bedroom floor at night?
a. Station #8, the phantom
b. Station #1, no, you’re haunted in daylight
c. Station #5, ok they have one too
d. Station #2; no, Trussler exorcised theirs

13. What will be the future name of station # 8?
a. Carillion Clinic Emergency Services
b. Famous Anthony’s Hot Meals on Hot Wheels delivery
c. South Roanoke Cat Rescue
d. South Roanoke Covert Ops

14. What is another name for German white wine?
a. Gustofrauääghier
b. Milk of the Virgin
c. Rhinelűnd Splattze
d. Roger Manuel

15. What is the coefficient for calculating gpm in a solid bore orifice?
a. What is an orifice?
b. GPM = BTU’s; darn* it (Terry knows)
c. GPM = 29.7 x d² x √NP
d. GPM = 1.57 x d² x √NP

16. Asian Toasted Sesame refers to which of the following:
a. Candles
b. Potpourri
c. Roger Manuel’s aftershave
d. Salad Dressing

17. Why do you want this assignment
a. To meet Kent McIlhany
b. To find my happy place
c. To better myself
d. To ascend to a higher level of Zen conscientiousness

18. How many CFM of air is displaced by a 1 ¾” fog nozzle performing hydra-ventilation?
a. 15-18,000 cfm
b. 20-23,000 cfm
c. 32-35,000 cfm
d. Ben Sweeney

19. What makes us perform best on the fireground?
a. Music by ZZ Top
b. Music by Led Zeppelin
c. Brian Wray
d. Catch phrases on city email

20. Who is the best Firefighter in Roanoke today?
a. Shane Duncan
b. Snoopy
c. Lloyd Layman
d. Sister Teresa

21. What Firefighter has been assigned to # 8 the most?
a. Rocky Sink
b. Jerry Thompson
c. Christina Aguilera
d. Ray-Ray

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Station 5 has Crows Station 9 has Pigeons

Check this pigeon out that landed (I assume) on Scott Boone's head. Videos below.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Interviewed by the Greensboro Local

I don't know if I posted this or not, but here it is. I was interviewed a couple of months ago by Dave Coker, the VP of Greensboro IAFF Local 947. They interviewed me about this blog and my Union activities. I think it gives a glimpse into why I do what I do and what I think about things. Take a look here.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Open Post

Open Post today. I have been busy and haven't had time to post much. But I do have stuff coming soon. I have been working diligently on the redesign of and I hope to have the new site up and running soon. Once that occurs, I hope to redesign this site to a new hosting provider which will let me broaden the scope of the blog and give you all a little bit better site to look at. Just wait for it!

For now, this is an open post. Keep it civil!